Eye to Eye

“Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. Oh, so lovely”.

I was having a conversation with this other guy today, I got distracted and looked deep into his eyes. I swear I almost got lost in those beautiful eyes and I know it sounds pretty cheesy, but at that precise moment looking into eyes, an idea came into my head “Eye to Eye” and I decided I really needed to write something about eyes being the window to the soul.

I mean really think about, there’s a lot you can learn about a person if just take a good look into their eyes, you might even get lost and discover that, that person is your soul mate. I’m a hopeless romantic, that’s why I personal think the first time when two people fall in-love, they fall the moment their eyes make contact. I think there’s this intense feeling that you get, and right then and then you know your’re ready to fall with that particular person. That’s why it’s called love at first sight, it’s not the heart, its the eyes that fell in-love first and then comes the heart.

If I was asked to name the most favorite part of me,I would say my eyes are my most favorite part of me. Because they are big, hazel-brown and I’m just in-love with them. My eyes are the ones that will reveal my true feelings and speak the truth when everything else is a lie. So our eyes are the ones that reveal everything ,the kind of mood you might be in. It’s truly a blessing to able to have eyes, because as said I “they are the window to our souls”, so we should cherish them and not take them for grunted.

If someone looked into your eyes. What would they see?


I shall conquer

Having a positive attitude is always the best way to see the world and to achieve your goals. That’s how I chose my title, I have learned to be positive even though when everything seems to be going wrong. But anyway this post is about the goals  I want to achieve for my blog.

My Goals:

1. I would like to post everyday if possible.

2. Have weekly features like:”Throwback Thursdays”,”Wordless Wednesdays” and “Soup Sundays”.

3.  Have about 50 followers by August 31st.

4. Find the perfect blog name, that goes well with my personality.

5. Be more productive with my blog.

6. Become a better blogger and writer.

7. My writing to inspire someone out there.

8. And most important of all to never give up on my blog, because I can see it has potential.

Well that’s basically all the goals I think of at this moment. I really do see myself conquering all this goals and it will be thanks to the Blogging 201.

Till next time and remember nothing is impossible, you just got to believe and fight for it!



A hand full of miracles

This is a speech I did in class ,in the beginning of the year. And I just wanted to share it with you. I used a combination of quotes that found on the internet and I made a speech out of those quotes.

I do believe in miracles ,I do, I do !

 A wise-man once said: “There are two ways to live your life; one is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle”. Miracles in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand, life its self is the miracle of miracles.

True love is night jasmine, a diamond in the darkness, the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard. It is the most common of miracles, fashioned of fleecy clouds, a handful of stars tossed into the night. The world is full of wonders and miracles but man takes , his little hand and covers his eyes and sees nothing.

Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them all around you. Like for instance if you just take a minute, and stand in front of a mirror, you’ll see your also a miracle.

The world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.

God gives miracles to those who believe, courage to those with faith, hope to those who dream, and love to those who accept. Put your body, your life in God’s hands. You hold that ministry in your hand and poof its doomed. Place your life in his hands and voila God will do miracles because it all depends upon whose hand its in.

Are you having a bad day? Hold your hand over your heart, do you you feel that? That beating? That’s called purpose, you are alive for a reason. When science tells you: “There is nothing else that can be done!”. God can still tell you: “Your miracle will happen”.

Today I want us all, to welcome infinite possibilities with open arms. To accept the support of the universe. To know that creative abundance is available to us all. To expect miracles.

And that’s the end of my speech, I hope you enjoyed. Cheers to believing in miracles.

Happily Ever After

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”

Happily ever after sometimes feels like its too out of reach for most people, even for me. Sometimes its just closer than we think, we just have to have faith and hope we will get there eventually. I for one believe in happily ever afters, and I believe that each and everyone of us deserves to have a taste of it. But I can relate with people who just think happily ever afters are found in fairy tales. Which can be true sometimes, but not all of the time. I have been asked this question “if I think I’m living a happily ever after life?” Truly speaking, the answer at this moment of my life, would be “NO” I’m not living a happily ever after life. But I do want to live a happily ever after life, well because life is too short to not want to live happily. For me to get to that happily ever after, I think I first want to achieve my dreams, well at least I’m achieving one of my dreams by having this blog. I want to fall in-love, travel the world, drive that Mercedes Benz jeep that I always saw in my dreams, I want to see women all around the world seeing themselves as being pretty and owing it. There is a lot of things that I can mention, that will make life be happily ever after.

Happily Ever Afters aren’t fairy tales, there are realities we just have to fight for them and we shall succeed if we set our minds to it.

So what would it take for you to get to your happily ever after?


What a year it was! Don’t you agree?

2014 is nothing but a number right? Nope 2014 is more than that, it is a number with many different stories behind it. It was a year that many lost their loved ones. I personally think that it was a year of many firsts and seconds if that makes the slightest sense.

It was a year that South Africa’s parliament became a form of entertainment for all people across the country. Many will agree that ever since a particular certain “political organisation” joined the scene, things have became heated in parliament and personally I think this organisation has made parliament more alive in more ways than one.

I just like to take a moment of silence in this very post, to acknowledge and pay respect to all the families that lost their loved ones in the collapsing of the church building in Nigeria. You were and still are deeply in my thoughts and I felt your hurt and I offer you my deepest condolences.

The courts of South Africa were busy bees last year. Two famous people were up for murder charges, one killed his girlfriend and the other one “allegedly” had his wife killed. Truthfully we all shall never know what really led to the two beautiful women to lose their lives, it shall forever remain a mystery to the world. Since I really didn’t watch Oscar’s trail on TV, I bought a book and I’ve been trying to read it but so far I’m still on page 90. If any of you had an interest in the trial but missed it, I suggest you read this book. It quite life changing if I must say.


Last year we saw so many tragedies; airplane went missing along with its passengers, girls were kidnapped and were never seen again. So much was lost in this year of 2014. Stories of 2014 may be sad but there have a lesson in there somewhere. Hopefully 2015 has so many great things in store for us.



This post is part  of the blogging 101 assignment that we have to do, Adel Landman Steyn gave me some  advice that I should post the original content on my blog because it’s a great way to direct traffic to my blog. 

Welcome seems like a proper way to an introductory, its a way of making you “the reader” feel at home with my blog.

I’m Megene Setwaba, a 17 year old high school student from South Africa. It has always been a dream of mine to start my own blog for awhile now but I was just not confident enough to go through with it. I tend to be loud and a little bit annoying sometimes but it all comes from a good place. I am really into computers and reading. Reading is place for me where I get to escape from the world and just be alone with my books. I’m not much of an outdoor type of person, I pretty much stay indoors most of the time. I’m very much opinionated and I don’t beat around the bushes when I have something to say. I tend to have a temper sometimes when pushed to the limit but other than that I’m pretty much a really nice person with a big heart who smiles a lot. I really love talking to myself a lot, my family thinks I’m crazy for doing it that but really I see no problem with a person talking by themselves. Its quite refreshing for me. If I were to describe me it would be; I’m cute with a capital “C”, confident, determined,shy and last of all happy.

MEGENEWS” is the name of my blog, the name just kinda popped in my head and I chose go along with it. I started a blog because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions that I feel need to be shared and heard by the world. Plus like I said it has always been a really big dream of mine to have a blog, a place where I can write about everything I experience daily. I want my blog to be a blog for everyone because I don’t really have a target market in mind. I just want everyone to enjoy and see my point of view on things in general. I know I am still an amateur on writing hopefully I get good at it and my blog expands to greater sites. If my blog is to be successful throughout the entire year I hope that it gets pressed on wordpress and some what get a blogging recognition award if there is such a thing like that and have many followers following my blog, that would be my greatest accomplishment.

Confident writing through my eyes 

Finding My Voice

writers-voice WELCOME! Seems like an appropriate thing to say on your first blog post don’t you think? I have been waiting like forever for this moment, a moment when I get to write and voice my opinions. At this precise moment a lot of thoughts are going through my mind; are they gonna like my method of writing or will they just think I’m some armature wanna be “writer”! Well I will have to wait and see how it turns out. I’ve been wrecking my brain for the past 30 minutes or so, thinking of what to say. I never thought expressing myself in a blog can be this nerve wrecking. Writing has also been a passion of mine but I never had the guts to have a blog, until last year when a close friend of mine passed away, that’s when I realized how short life is. So here I am trying to achieve my dream hopefully I don’t give up half way.  

A little bit about what kind of person I am.

I’m cute and tend to be a little on the annoying side but hey it all comes from a good place. And no I’m not snobby, since annoying tends to go in hand with snobby and cute girls I think? I am a bubbly person who is sometimes full of humor. I come from a rainbow nation which is South Africa and I’m proud to be South African. If you want to know more about me please visit the about page.

My blog is a blog for everyone because it basically is about expressing everyday life things. This blog is meant for me to share my opinions. It’s not a form of attack, it’s only merely me stating the obvious.

Here is to finding my voice as a writer.