Finding My Voice

writers-voice WELCOME! Seems like an appropriate thing to say on your first blog post don’t you think? I have been waiting like forever for this moment, a moment when I get to write and voice my opinions. At this precise moment a lot of thoughts are going through my mind; are they gonna like my method of writing or will they just think I’m some armature wanna be “writer”! Well I will have to wait and see how it turns out. I’ve been wrecking my brain for the past 30 minutes or so, thinking of what to say. I never thought expressing myself in a blog can be this nerve wrecking. Writing has also been a passion of mine but I never had the guts to have a blog, until last year when a close friend of mine passed away, that’s when I realized how short life is. So here I am trying to achieve my dream hopefully I don’t give up half way.  

A little bit about what kind of person I am.

I’m cute and tend to be a little on the annoying side but hey it all comes from a good place. And no I’m not snobby, since annoying tends to go in hand with snobby and cute girls I think? I am a bubbly person who is sometimes full of humor. I come from a rainbow nation which is South Africa and I’m proud to be South African. If you want to know more about me please visit the about page.

My blog is a blog for everyone because it basically is about expressing everyday life things. This blog is meant for me to share my opinions. It’s not a form of attack, it’s only merely me stating the obvious.

Here is to finding my voice as a writer.


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