What a year it was! Don’t you agree?

2014 is nothing but a number right? Nope 2014 is more than that, it is a number with many different stories behind it. It was a year that many lost their loved ones. I personally think that it was a year of many firsts and seconds if that makes the slightest sense.

It was a year that South Africa’s parliament became a form of entertainment for all people across the country. Many will agree that ever since a particular certain “political organisation” joined the scene, things have became heated in parliament and personally I think this organisation has made parliament more alive in more ways than one.

I just like to take a moment of silence in this very post, to acknowledge and pay respect to all the families that lost their loved ones in the collapsing of the church building in Nigeria. You were and still are deeply in my thoughts and I felt your hurt and I offer you my deepest condolences.

The courts of South Africa were busy bees last year. Two famous people were up for murder charges, one killed his girlfriend and the other one “allegedly” had his wife killed. Truthfully we all shall never know what really led to the two beautiful women to lose their lives, it shall forever remain a mystery to the world. Since I really didn’t watch Oscar’s trail on TV, I bought a book and I’ve been trying to read it but so far I’m still on page 90. If any of you had an interest in the trial but missed it, I suggest you read this book. It quite life changing if I must say.


Last year we saw so many tragedies; airplane went missing along with its passengers, girls were kidnapped and were never seen again. So much was lost in this year of 2014. Stories of 2014 may be sad but there have a lesson in there somewhere. Hopefully 2015 has so many great things in store for us.



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