I shall conquer

Having a positive attitude is always the best way to see the world and to achieve your goals. That’s how I chose my title, I have learned to be positive even though when everything seems to be going wrong. But anyway this post is about the goals  I want to achieve for my blog.

My Goals:

1. I would like to post everyday if possible.

2. Have weekly features like:”Throwback Thursdays”,”Wordless Wednesdays” and “Soup Sundays”.

3.  Have about 50 followers by August 31st.

4. Find the perfect blog name, that goes well with my personality.

5. Be more productive with my blog.

6. Become a better blogger and writer.

7. My writing to inspire someone out there.

8. And most important of all to never give up on my blog, because I can see it has potential.

Well that’s basically all the goals I think of at this moment. I really do see myself conquering all this goals and it will be thanks to the Blogging 201.

Till next time and remember nothing is impossible, you just got to believe and fight for it!




3 thoughts on “I shall conquer

    • Thanks, some here I sometimes find it hard to post everyday. Because I have so many ideas going through my head and sometimes it’s so difficult to put them in writing.


  1. I like the positive vibe of your post and the goals you have put in place. You are going to be very busy. I like the 8th goal the best because it can be easy to get discouraged and just go silent. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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