I’m Megene Setwaba. I’m a high-school student.


I have a lot of thoughts that need to be shared and heard by the world, that’s mainly part of the reason why I started this blog. It has always been a dream of mine to start a blog for the past 3 years. But every time I got stuck at getting a creative name and tag line for my blog.

I know that the name maybe mediocre and stuff but I’m still an amateur blogger, with time I’ll come up with something that is funky and creative. But personally I think that “MEGENEWS” is pretty creative considering that I don’t have a creative bone in coming up with names, I would say I did a good job.

So enough about that and more about me “THE WRITER”.

I can sometimes be loud and occasionally a bit annoying but it all comes from a very good place. I’m very much opinionated  and I believe in telling it like I see it, no time for beating around the bush, so yes I’m straight talker. I’m not much of an outgoing person, I’m a bookworm and once I get a hold of a book I never put it down. If you have me as your closet friend, you are in good hands.

I’m looking for a kindred spirit and hopefully I’ll find him or her soon.  My hopes and dreams would be: to have my first airplane ride, travel the world the world, do maybe skydiving and bungee jumping, try skinny dipping,be in an Ad, walk on the runway,Get a bachelor with 6 distinctions  and meet Oprah Winfrey  pretty much that’s all the things I can think about.

So back to MEGNEWS

It will cater to everyone who has similar interests as me but it’s a blog that speaks about everything in general. 

Confident writing through my eyes






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