This post is part  of the blogging 101 assignment that we have to do, Adel Landman Steyn gave me some  advice that I should post the original content on my blog because it’s a great way to direct traffic to my blog. 

Welcome seems like a proper way to an introductory, its a way of making you “the reader” feel at home with my blog.

I’m Megene Setwaba, a 17 year old high school student from South Africa. It has always been a dream of mine to start my own blog for awhile now but I was just not confident enough to go through with it. I tend to be loud and a little bit annoying sometimes but it all comes from a good place. I am really into computers and reading. Reading is place for me where I get to escape from the world and just be alone with my books. I’m not much of an outdoor type of person, I pretty much stay indoors most of the time. I’m very much opinionated and I don’t beat around the bushes when I have something to say. I tend to have a temper sometimes when pushed to the limit but other than that I’m pretty much a really nice person with a big heart who smiles a lot. I really love talking to myself a lot, my family thinks I’m crazy for doing it that but really I see no problem with a person talking by themselves. Its quite refreshing for me. If I were to describe me it would be; I’m cute with a capital “C”, confident, determined,shy and last of all happy.

MEGENEWS” is the name of my blog, the name just kinda popped in my head and I chose go along with it. I started a blog because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions that I feel need to be shared and heard by the world. Plus like I said it has always been a really big dream of mine to have a blog, a place where I can write about everything I experience daily. I want my blog to be a blog for everyone because I don’t really have a target market in mind. I just want everyone to enjoy and see my point of view on things in general. I know I am still an amateur on writing hopefully I get good at it and my blog expands to greater sites. If my blog is to be successful throughout the entire year I hope that it gets pressed on wordpress and some what get a blogging recognition award if there is such a thing like that and have many followers following my blog, that would be my greatest accomplishment.

Confident writing through my eyes 


Finding My Voice

writers-voice WELCOME! Seems like an appropriate thing to say on your first blog post don’t you think? I have been waiting like forever for this moment, a moment when I get to write and voice my opinions. At this precise moment a lot of thoughts are going through my mind; are they gonna like my method of writing or will they just think I’m some armature wanna be “writer”! Well I will have to wait and see how it turns out. I’ve been wrecking my brain for the past 30 minutes or so, thinking of what to say. I never thought expressing myself in a blog can be this nerve wrecking. Writing has also been a passion of mine but I never had the guts to have a blog, until last year when a close friend of mine passed away, that’s when I realized how short life is. So here I am trying to achieve my dream hopefully I don’t give up half way.  

A little bit about what kind of person I am.

I’m cute and tend to be a little on the annoying side but hey it all comes from a good place. And no I’m not snobby, since annoying tends to go in hand with snobby and cute girls I think? I am a bubbly person who is sometimes full of humor. I come from a rainbow nation which is South Africa and I’m proud to be South African. If you want to know more about me please visit the about page.

My blog is a blog for everyone because it basically is about expressing everyday life things. This blog is meant for me to share my opinions. It’s not a form of attack, it’s only merely me stating the obvious.

Here is to finding my voice as a writer.